Monday, May 7, 2007

Mariners' Wharf

As of late, Mariners’ Wharf has been plentiful of boats going back and forth through the Dismal Swamp Canal and stopping in our 48-hour free docking spaces, which is great to see.

Have you ever wanted to check out Mariners’ Wharf slips before you actually arrive so you will have a good idea of how many is available to you? Then I would suggest checking out Now boaters and those interested in checking out current local weather conditions and/or the goings on at Mariners’ Wharf can do just that by logging onto the website. This website created by Gordon Cameron, of ICW Consulting, Inc., has been in the development stages for several months and recently went live. For more info on the website click here. Photo Credit: Boats leaving Elizabeth City on the Pasquotank River going south - taken on April 28th by Jessica Faulkingham

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hedgehogman said...

nice photo and view
unfortunately i live in far country....


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