Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lost Colony Activity at the MOA

Today (August 8th) from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm the Museum of the Albemarle (MOA) will be having a Lost Colony Activity of Corn husk doll making, to go along with it's current Lost Colony Drama Exhibit. For more information on the current exhibit call 252-335-1453 and check out the clip:
Museum hosting three current exhibits; more to come for summer

A hand-embroidered Indian dress or playbills dating back to the 1940s tell a story that is the 70th anniversary of The Lost Colony Outdoor Drama. That story is being told locally at Museum of the Albemarle through a series of photographs and artifacts from the MOA collection.

John Buford, spokesman for The Lost Colony Drama in Manteo, says this year's anniversary is being celebrated by a number of exhibits including the one at MOA. Aside from MOA's exhibit there is one at Roanoke Island's Festival Park that includes art by the famous New Yorker Magazine cartoonist Al Herschfield.

At MOA you can view a history of the "longest running outdoor drama," that includes playbills, information about the 1967 Hurricane Donna that destroyed the waterside theater, a devastating fire and even photos of the play's most famous alumn, Andy Griffin.

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