Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Chocolate House debuts specialty bar

The Chocolate House debuts specialty bar

(Elizabeth City, NC, November 20, 2007) – One local business owner is flavoring God’s goodness with a dash of the Harbor of Hospitality® for a recipe of success.

Kathy Dowdy, owner of The Chocolate House on Water Street, is ready to release a new souvenir Elizabeth City candy bar. The bar comes in three chocolaty flavors – white, milk and dark – and will be available for sale December 1.

“Chocolate is proof that God’s goodness is still in the world,” the candy bar wrapper emphasizes.

The wrapper contains a blurb touting The Chocolate House and Elizabeth City’s attributes. It also contains the city seal and the Elizabeth City Area Convention & Visitors Bureau logo.

Dowdy, who opened The Chocolate House downtown earlier this year featuring gourmet French chocolate, is working with the CVB to create a label that includes photos of the community. Those bars are scheduled to be released in the spring.

“I have always dreamed of creating a specialty chocolate bar featuring my city,” Dowdy said.

Russ Haddad, CVB Director, said the chocolate bar is unique and is a great gift item during the holidays. His office also plans on using a later version of the bar as a promotional piece sending it off to motorcoach operators, travel writers and group meeting planners.

“We plan on using the chocolate bar as a calling card for Elizabeth City,” Haddad said.

For more information about ordering Elizabeth City chocolate bar, contact The Chocolate House at 252-334-9YUM (9986).

For more information regarding Elizabeth City, contact the Elizabeth City Area Convention & Visitors Bureau at 252-335-5330 or

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