Friday, February 1, 2008


(Elizabeth City, NC) - Help support the Museum of the Albemarle and buy a chance on a Whitehall style rowboat. The boat was constructed by the Boatbuilding program at the College of the Albemarle and donated to the Museum. All proceeds from the raffle will be used to provide new programs for the public. Costs for the tickets are: one chance for $10.00 or 11 chances for $100.00.

The drawing will be held on June 9, 2008 in the lobby of the Museum of the Albemarle.

Whitehall rowboats were used in harbors such as New York City to rapidly ferry passengers from the docks to anchored ships. This boat is 14 feet long and weighs 96 pounds. The hull is constructed of polyester resin-fiberglass and has teakwood trim. The oars are made of poplar.

The Whitehall represents an example of a "golden period" of marine design and craftsmanship. This particular Whitehall rowboat combines the beauty of the design with the ease of maintenance and the durability of modern materials. The boat is on display in the lobby of the Museum of the Albemarle, and tickets and official rules are available in the lobby and from Museum board members.

For more information please call 252-335-1453 or go to

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