Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Organic" Greenlight Fire Ant Control - Google Search - An organic method of fire ant control that really works!

Contact: Tom M. Campbell, Extension Agent, Agriculture
Phone: 252-338-3954

For those who want the option, this is one tested method of organically certified fire ant control. We have to rotate insecticide active ingredients thrown at all insect pests to avoid them building resistance.

In the northeastern counties I've only seen this product in Taylor's Do It Yourself Hardware in Moyock in Currituck County. I bought one container.

I prefer dry bait fire ant control chemicals because there is no need to haul water to each mound and bait treatment is fast and convenient.

I've also seen an organic dry bait used by Elizabeth City Housing Authority which is fine silica (sand). I'm sorry, but I don't recall the name. Perhaps a key word search of "silica fire ant bait" would yield it.

Fire ants are out again, and may be swarming into the air in their winged stage soon for the first time this season. One mound typically swarms 3-8 times each spring, summer, and fall. That is why it is wrong to let even ONE fire ant mound go untreated in your vicinity. Educate your neighbors and share your bait control products with them if necessary.

Google Search: Greenlight Fire Ant Control

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