Thursday, July 31, 2008

Daily Advance: 'Market Impossible'

One of our board members, Andy Montero of Montero's Restaurant, will be participating in the first ever "Market Impossible"! Which will be held at Elizabeth City's Downtown Waterfront Market this Saturday starting at 9:30 am. Please read the following excerpt from the Daily Advance article to find out more on this event:

Albemarle Life Editor

'Can food be entertaining? Sure, just ask the folks at Food Network.

That's where Downtown Waterfront Market got its most recent idea, a popular show called "Dinner Impossible." For Elizabeth City folks, however, we'll call it "Market Impossible."

The premise of the show is to give a chef near-impossible conditions and obstacles to overcome in order to create a meal in record time. Locally, market coordinator Denise Richards says a chef will have five minutes to gather produce from any one of six produce vendors at the farmer's market this Saturday, and then less than an hour to create a meal on a stage, for vendors and market-goers to see.

This is the first go at "Market Impossible," with plans to do it monthly. To kick it off, Richards recruited well-known restaurateur and chef Andy Montero and his sous chef Brandon Clark for the challenge.

"They keep trying to cut me down to less and less basic things I want to bring," says Montero, laughing about the limitations placed on him for the challenge.

The idea is to limit Montero and Clark as to what they can bring to the challenge; you know, you can't have a container of sauce on hand to gussy up a pan of sauteed squash. At first, Montero thought he would have a chance to bring some of his personal cooking equipment like burners and the like, but even that has been scaled down and forbidden. ......'

To read more from this article please click here. To find out more about the Downtown Waterfront Market please check out their website or call 252-338-0169.

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