Friday, November 7, 2008

The Great Olive Oil Misconception -- Dr. Dean Ornish, MD Responds: The Truth About Olive Oil

Written by: Tom M. Campbell, Extension Agent, Agriculture

This article, linked to below, from Reader's Digest clarifies the recent findings of Dr. Dean Ornish, MD, heart health dietary specialist, of Stanford University. Dr. Ornish is often quoted in major magazines due to his advanced research in reversing coronary artery disease with diet and regular light exercise.

His colleague, Dr. Neal Barnard, is noted for similar research affecting diabetes and pre-diabetes. Dr. Barnard's noted book, Eat Right, Live Longer, is in the Pasquotank-Camden Public Library. It is easy reading. Entertaining and very informative.

Another author in this area is Dr. Michael Roizen, MD, author of You, An Owner's Manual. He can be accessed on the web.

A fourth authority on diet worth finding is Brenda Watson, RD who created the H.O.P. E. diet. H for High Fiber, O for Omega 3 fatty acids, P for Probiotics, and E for Enzymes. She has an elaborated educational website which includes video clips of her appearances on public TV. She cured herself of many dietary disorders at a young age as she explored and studied nutrition until she devised her HOPE diet.

A fifth source of valuable health information, also on the web, are Joe and Teri Graedon, a married pair of NC pharmacists who've written and held radio shows for over 20 years on public broadcasting stations.

These are some sources of information often deemed reputable by mainstream media and peer reviews. Now check out The Great Olive Oil Misconception -- Dr. Ornish Responds.

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