Friday, April 24, 2009

Powerboat Excitement Comes to Elizabeth City, June 6 - 7

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Powerboat Excitement Comes to Elizabeth City, June 6 - 7
-- International Cup Regatta Delivers Festival Atmosphere and "Speed on the Pasquotank"! --

(Elizabeth City, NC, April 24, 2009) – When the International Cup Regatta hit the water in Elizabeth City, NC, in 1954, George Byers Jr., of Columbus, Ohio, set a world record when he barreled across the Pasquotank River at 115.26 miles per hour in a time trial.

The nationally-ranked powerboat competitors that gather in Elizabeth City for this year's Cup, June 6 - 7, will easily reach speeds in excess of 170 miles per hour. The sleek boats, also called hydroplanes, are more powerful and technologically superior to boats of the past, but the spirit of the race hasn’t changed.

"The boats have gotten bigger and faster, but it's still the same family-friendly sport," said Shirley Outlaw, chairwoman of this year's Cup. "Spectators will still gather by the water’s edge to watch the race. That part hasn’t changed." [read more]

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