Friday, May 1, 2009

Links to Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider's intensive gardening methods - Google Search - Great Info for efficient food gardening

Written By: Thomas Campbell

Pasquotank County Extension Master Gardener Volunteers donated copies of Mittleider books to our public library and all public school libraries from Middle Schools through High Schools. His books are simple, complete, and very readable, resembling comic books. They are very practical training manuals for new gardeners and can teach experienced gardeners many new efficient techniques.

Because Mittleider gardened in tropical countries with more rainfall than NC, his raised beds of 12 inches are higher than necessary. 4-6 inches are enough here. And cut WAY down on the amounts of fertilizers. Use a fraction of his recommendations or you'll "burn" your intensively planted dense-bed garden. Be sure to use our state's free soil sample report service. Materials are supplied through you county cooperative extension service centers accessed through your county government.

Sides on Mittleider-style garden beds are NOT necessary, you can actually slope the sides up 45 degrees from the ground, then keep a flat bed on top. Keep the beds just wide enough to reach into the middle and then some. Make the lengths short enough that you conveniently can walk around to the other side.

For much more on Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider's methods originated at Loma Linda University, California check out this Google Search for more info.

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