Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best house plants for indoor air quality to combat "sick building syndrome" - these articles may interest you

The most unbiased articles on any topic may come from university Extension services like ours at NC State and NC A & T State University, or from NASA research in this case.

NASA research on houseplants is for future long manned space missions which will require breathable air by astronauts for many months.

Meanwhile, your uses of houseplants may improve the home and office air quality, so long as you put the properly selected plants in the light they require and you understand and control their container media, drainage, and water needs very specifically. Do your homework in advance.

Also, you'd need to recognize and control any pests which slip in and attack your plants. Develop an Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM program) on each species of plant you intend to maintain. After several years, some plants may need to be discarded and replaced, because they have simply run down or become too infested or weakened to recover well. Others may thrive and take up too much space, requiring donation to bigger surroundings.

Alternatively, you may contract a service to rotate plants in and out of
the business or home. Some such businesses exist, even in Elizabeth City.

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