Friday, August 28, 2009

Jewelweed, A Poison Ivy Treatment from Nature

Press Release Contact: Thomas Campbell
Are you aware of this product line containing Jewel Weed Extract. At her wild plants lecture at Currituck County Extension Center earlier this year, Vickie Shufer of Pungo, VA gave a convincing testimonial about the efficacy of jewel weed extract for prevention or relief of Poison Ivy itch. After a field trip through poison ivy infested trails with 30 youngsters, Mrs. Shufer dipped the arms and hands of her hikers in a bucket of jewel weed infusion. Only one hiker refused the treatment. Guess who was the only hiker to come down with poison ivy itch within two days.

Since I notice that Jewel Weed is an Impatiens species, I wonder if the same anti-poison ivy properties might be found from extracts from commonly cultivated Impatiens plants which are sold as flowering bedding plants for shady areas. Have any of you any thoughts or experience on this idea?

Incidentally, Watson Lawrence of the Chesapeake office of Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension will host a marvelous program on planting, managing and marketing pick your own blueberry operations. This will begin 8:30 AM on Sept 10 and conclude by early afternoon. The program costs $10 per person and lunch is served mid-day. Call 757-382-6348 for all details about this program. I welcome you to call me about car pooling to this event.

It will be held in the Chesapeake Main Library near the Chesapeake City Hall, then go out to an actual blueberry pick your own farm.

I hope to attend and bring some folks from here. I've helped two such farms start in recent years in my county.

Maybe we'll see you there !

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