Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 2010 Important News from Stillwaters Salon

We will be wishing a fond farewell to Courtney on Thursday April 22nd. Courtney and her husband are being stationed in Michigan for the next 3 years, she will surely be missed.

At the same time we will also be welcoming in Ashley. Ashley is from Portland Oregon and she and her Husband will be here for 3 years. Ashley will be offering services in anti-aging skin treatments including micro-dermabrasion, chemical and enzyme peels. She is developing an eye treatment service and also an enzyme mask to be used in her pedicures. Ashley does full body waxing along with manicures on natural nails. She shares the same philosophy as we do-using the best quality professional products that are healthy and “Green”.

We have partnered ourselves with a new supplier that has enabled us to bring in a line of Organic Professional products at affordable prices. We are proud to offer the Nexus Phyto-Organics line of Shampoo & Conditioners along with styling products that are not just eco-friendly, but pocket friendly as well! Well worth a try.

On a “Better U” side we have partnered ourselves with Max International. Max International is a research & development company developed by Dr. David Keller and his research on the bodies master Anti-Oxidant Glutathione. Did you know Glutathione is naturally made by the body but it decreases as we age? “Go Figure, who knew”!!!

Glutathione produced by our body helps to increase energy, concentration, quality of sleep, improve moods, exercise recovery, reduces inflammation and slows down the aging process, That’s why we felt so “GOOD” in our twenties! Do you remember how you felt?

We had a fare amount of it produced naturally by our body, but we used it up as time passed eating bad, smoking, drinking, not exercising and not getting enough sleep, just not putting anything back into our fuel tank we need to function on all our cylinders.

We encourage you visit the website to get more information or just stop into the salon for a literature packet.

There will be more about this medical breakthrough in the research of cellology in the news in the weeks to come as it’s released.

As always, we put all our efforts into our greatest assets you our clients. We hope you will enjoy all the new products and services along with the health tip “”!

Thank you for your continued support we are truly grateful

Mike & Pat

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