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April 2010 - ECSU could be negatively impacted by budget cuts

ECSU could be negatively impacted by budget cuts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ---- Education plays a vital role in our state’s future economic health and the aspirations of millions of North Carolina families. An educated and highly skilled workforce is necessary for the economic progress of the state. The University of North Carolina System plays an unmatched role in educating its citizens.

Unfortunately, the 2010-2011 state budget could shave millions of dollars away from the state’s 17 public institutions. Previous budget reversions cuts resulted in increased class sizes and fewer course offerings across the UNC system. The University of North Carolina administration estimates that budget cuts in excess of 2 percent would harm the academic core of the University and significantly reduce the quality of academic instruction and student experiences at all UNC campuses. The proposed cuts would result in fewer academic advisors, fewer financial aid officers, and reduced student access to the courses they need to graduate on time.

Elizabeth City State University is no exception to that reality. ECSU’s share of the proposed cuts would result in at least 16 lost positions-- most of them are faculty positions. Other possible outcomes include increased class sizes, possible compromised academic accreditations, fewer course sections, elimination of staff positions, increased teaching loads, reductions in counseling sessions for students. Numerous academic programs, including those in high-demand fields such as aviation, pharmacy and the STEM disciplines would be downsized.

The budget cuts will limit access to higher education for many residents of our state at a time when higher education enrollments are growing. On May 12, the NC Legislature will convene and consider the reductions to the state budget that will impact all residents. Now is the time to seriously consider the kinds of sacrifices that state is asking universities to sustain. We must prompt legislators to remember the continuous role public institutions play in preparing students for jobs across North Carolina’s 100 counties.

May the State Legislature appropriately continue its historical commitment and attention to our State’s higher education needs as envisioned in the original Act of Incorporation (1789) for the University of North Carolina by providing adequate higher education funding to ensure “the happiness of a rising generation, and, endeavor to fit them for an honorable discharge of the social duties of life by paying attention to their education.”

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