Wednesday, May 19, 2010

July 2010 - Downtown Waterfront Market's "Market Impossible"

Contact: Denise Richards
"Market Impossible"
at the Downtown Waterfront Market
in Elizabeth City, NC

July 10, 2010
@ 11:15 am

Combatants: Montero's vs Thumpers Downtown

The Chef's will have 10 mins to shop for their ingredients and 50 mins to cook. They are only allowed to bring salt, pepper, oil and vinegar with them. Everything else they have to get at the market. The winners will be judged by a local panel of experts.

** The Downtown Waterfront Market still needs 3 volunteers to help out for this event **

For more information please contact Denise Richards, Market Coordinator of the Downtown Waterfront Market, at 252-338-0169.

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