Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 2010 - News from Out 'N The Cold


Hey guys and girls in the Albemarle and surrounding area...Just a reminder to you all of a few upcoming dates to have the chance to see ONTC...All seats for the June 30th event at the Marina Restaurant have been reserved...There is one (1) table left that will accommodate 4 people for the July 14th event at the Marina...July 28th event at the Marina Restaurant has tables open...In the event you would like to catch ONTC on a Sat. night, the band will be performing a show at the "Arts of the Albemarle Center" on Sat., July 10th from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm...As luck would have it, ONTC will be joined that evening by Joe McGlohon..Joe was on the road with Reba McIntire for 7 years..Not only was he her saxophone player, he was the band leader!!..Joe has performed with ONTC on a few occasions recently and has added a completely new sound to the band..I know it's hard to picture this, but a banjo and a saxophone on the same stage really does work!!..Go figure!..Anyway, get your favorite gang together and come on out and have some fun with ONTC..."Cause we're FUN!! www.outnthecold.com

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