Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 2010: Camden Christmas lights display to benefit the SPCA

Come see our “Camden Christmas Lights one on the River” and help the SPCA! Enjoy each night from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

We would love for you to visit our Christmas Lights display which is synchronized to music on your car radio at 107.5 FM.

When coming to the house, be sure to drive PAST the house to the dead end at the river’s edge, turn your car around, and face your car toward the house from that diagonal direction for your optimal viewing pleasure. Be sure not to hit the street sign! Since several people said the trees were in the way last year, we have set it up on a diagonal design which you can only view if you go to the end of Valley Road and turn your car around.

To get to the house, we are at 204 Valley Road in Camden. Take the bridge to Camden, turn right at the Shell Station on Country Club Road. Take this winding road till you see the sign for “White Hall Shores” on the right hand side. Turn right here. You will quickly make the 1st left onto Japonica and follow it all the way till you it turns into Valley as you veer to the right. Our home is the last house on the right hand side. Trust me, you will see the lights!

Pull up, tune your radio to 107.5 FM and enjoy! It is our Christmas Gift to all of you! Once you have parked your car, please turn off your headlights and put on your parking lights. Rudolph will give you many instructions on to pay attention to during the show.

Be sure to bring some spare change to put into the puppy’s mouth on the large cut out near the mailbox, this money will go straight to the NENC SPCA! You may also bring cat or dog food. If it won’t fit in the mouth, you may set it next to the puppy.

Merry Christmas! - Jason Bekanich & Kelly Thorsby

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