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May 2014: Events at Arts of the Albemarle

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Jenkins Gallery featured exhibit
P H O T O   C O M P E T I T I O N
A packed house gathered at Arts of the Albemarle during First Friday's ArtWalk last week to view this year's entries for the AoA Photography Competition.  The juror, photographer and professor of art Tom Siegmund, had a tough decision—and what he considered a true testiment to amount of artistic talent in northeast NC. Here's a look at who took the win this year, complete with Tom's notes.  To view the winning photos, as well as all entries, stopy by AoA during the month of May.

"Stormy Farm I" by Tom BrennanSTORMY
This photograph is well-composed and well-crafted!  This image possesses a beautiful tonal range rich with texture and full of amazing detail. The narrative is an easy one to connect with. Evidence of the aftermath of a storm or perhaps just a break. This farm has seen many of these storms and is still standing. The beautifully rendered sky shot under this amazing lighting conditions helps to bring more tension to the scene.

"Still Life with Small Bowl and Candle" by Steve Lautermilch

This photograph is fun to look at. This image speaks to both painting and photography. Rich with color, reflections, scattered light and exquisite photographic detail. The objects in the scene swim in this wonderful, delicate and dreamy lighting. The composition is simply elegant .The subject is still life which was a very popular subject for painters long before the birth of photography. I think the simplicity and shear elegance of this photograph takes me back to those times.  

THIRD PLACE"The Lady of the Lake" by Darlene Tighe
The photograph is non-representational, abstract and full of energy. The subject is not only reminiscent of both early and contemporary painting, but also of early photography when shortly after the birth of photography in an attempt to be taken more seriously as an art form photographers looked to painting for their inspiration. This image is full of energy as these organic shapes shift and move, blend and morph into one another. I like photographs that make me work, and allow me to bring something to the table and although the title helps direct the viewer, it is not necessary. Abstract imagery can be what ever we want it to be.

AoA Summer CampsS C H E D U L E   A N N O U N C E D

Encourage the kids to have a creative summer! No matter what your child's talent, there's something for everyone during AoA's 2014 Summer Camp line-up.

2014 Summer Camp Schedule:

Shower mom in local art for M O T H E R ' S   D A Y 

This Mother's Day, forego the flowers and do something different for mom! Check out AoA for a unique, affordable and handmade gifts for the mom(s) in your life! AoA's shop is full of jewelry, home accents, accessories, and (of course) art that is certain to "wow" mom on Sunday. And the best part? You can show mom some love while supporting our local artists! Here's a little sample; see more in our "Artsy Treasures" Facebook gallery!


Handpainted silk scarves by Susan Owens


Mosaic Bags by Catherine Simmons


Handmade, all-natural soaps and lip balms

Jewelry by Kazuko Fuller


"Wearable Art" necklaces by T. Dailey

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