Saturday, May 24, 2008

July 2008 - Bocce Ball Tournament

Let's Party!

On Saturday, July 19, 2008, a Bocce Ball tournament will be held at Waterfront Park, Elizabeth City to raise funds for Special Olympics. Mayor Steve Atkinson is Master of Ceremonies along with special guests. A key to the City will be presented.

We are committed to do this for the next five years, making it bigger and better every year.

Bocce Ball is a simple, informal fun game, where a small white ball (golf ball size) is tossed on a grass court 8 x 60 feet. Two teams roll 4 balls a piece (soft ball size) to the small white ball closet in order to score points. Bocce ball is a very popular game on the east coast as it has been throughout the world. Lots of fun and anybody can do it. Entry fee is $100.00 for each 4-member team.

We are looking to have 100 4-member teams to compete in an elimination tournament. Your team is guaranteed three games. Hopefully, if your team has any luck, many more.

Teams will be matched against friends and competitors. Like ... Doctors against Nurses, Banks against Banks, Insurance agencies against Insurance agencies, Law office against Law office, Realtors against Realtors, Golfers against Golfers, etc.

We'll have vendors who will provide food for the entire family. Nutritional drinks, fancy drinks for children and drinks for adults.

Available also are opportunities for corporate sponsorship at Gold, Silver and Bronze levels for sponsorship of multiple teams, to a VIP tent hosted by Montero's of Elizabeth City, and the Weeping Radish of Currituck. Join in and socialize with your friends and competitors and congratulate the losers with bragging rights. (The game is all luck.)

All donations are tax deductible. Donations for directly to the Sheriff's Department to be presented to the Special Olympics.

Whether you are a single team or a corporate sponsor, please consider to come and shake hands with our Sheriff's and their staff. Let them know how much we appreciate their dedication and hard work trying to protect us. More information is forthcoming.

Robert Tadlock
Sponsor: Robert Tadlock Insurance Agency
Phone: 252-338-7775

Please remember these special needs people live daily with challenges we will never endure.
Please Help!

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