Monday, March 1, 2010

Palestrant-Movie Music!

Palestrant-Movie Music!

Next thursday March 4, 2010 from 7-9 pm - just in time for your Academy Awards office pool - I’ll be offering my popular presentation Big Music at the Movies (for one night only!).

Going to the movies means actors and popcorn, right? Well, we’ve got that. But this is so much more than a few movie clips and a snack. By helping you understand the power of music, and the effect it has on the movie viewer, it will change the way you watch movies forever! I'll present specific connections I've found between movie scores and Romantic-era music. Did you know that some of the music written for blockbusters like “Superman” and “Total Recall” is a dead ringer for a piece written in 1889? When making Star Wars in 1977, George Lucas needed something new for his music. John Williams gave it to him: a style taken from... an opera written in 1869! It resulted in one of the most popular-and important- film scores ever written. All this, and I’ll try to continue my winning streak in presenting and picking this year’s Oscar winner for best score. Pre-registration is recommended, but walk-ups are welcome. Log in to and sign up for course #198.

Hope to see you at St. Patrick for a great evening out! As always, my complete performance schedule is online at

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