Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 2013: Art Display at COA’s Elizabeth City Campus

            Public Service Announcement
            June 17, 2013
            CONTACT:  Lisa Johnson,
Director of  Marketing  
Release No: 21LJ-PSA-2013

Art Display at COA’s Elizabeth City Campus
Students of Margie Sawyer (Pictured) and Peggy West are currently displaying their art on the Elizabeth City campus of College of The Albemarle. Works of art may be seen in the entryway of the John Wood Foreman Technology Center and in the central hallway of the A Building. Current displays feature acrylic and mixed media, giving emphasis to the bright colors of spring and summer. The showing is scheduled to continue into July. 

Both Sawyer and West teach classes through Workforce Development and Continuing Education at the college and have been sharing their knowledge of art for a number of years. “Originality, life experiences, and the imagination… that is where I encourage my students to draw ideas,” Margie Sawyer stated. “I always want them to be open to new techniques, put forth their best effort, and just enjoy what they are doing. It is such a pleasure to see students begin to blossom as they come to realize they are able to create art, just when they thought they weren’t capable,” she continued. “That is what keeps me going, seeing each one pleased with their work.”

Sawyer is scheduled to teach a day class during the month of July, “Summer Art”. She encourages everyone to come join in...teachers, business persons, senior citizens… anyone seeking to expand their knowledge and creativity in art. Class begins July 22 and runs through July 31, four morning sessions.  To register for “Summer Art” or other Continuing Education courses at COA, contact Heather Forbes at (252) 335-0821, ext. 2250. Check out class listings and schedules at albemarle.edu, click on “Workforce Development and Continuing Education” and then select “Schedules”.


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