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October 2013: COA - Producing Electrical Students Who Excel

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            October 21, 2013
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COA - Producing Electrical Students Who Excel

Exciting news is coming from our Computer Engineering Technology Program here at COA! Recently, all of the 11 students enrolled in the Introduction to Electronics course taught by instructor Kerry Krauss have passed and received certifications for the National Safety Compliance Electrical Safety Program. This program is an OSHA qualified basic electrical safety course which instructs students on various aspects of workplace safety such as electrical terminology, assignment of responsibilities, grounding, assured equipment grounding, conductor programs, ground fault circuit interrupters, safety rules, generator safety, personal protective equipment and lockout and tagging, all of which are imperative skills for anyone planning to work in an electrical career. Through completion of this program, students learn to protect themselves and others while working, become qualified within basic electrical safety standards for OSHA and acquire excellent resume material to later assist them in gaining a career in electrical engineering.

“Safety is a major concern for any employment but especially in the electrical area. It is a constant feedback from advisory and standards organizations, businesses and employers, that they must have technically trained individuals but also individuals who think and practice safety. The fastest way to be fired from a job is to ignore safety rules and procedures. [This program] will benefit all and it is another good resume item along with the program degree from COA.” – Kerry Krauss, Assistant Professor, Computer Systems and Electronics Engineering Technologies.

 A 100% pass rate is always something to be celebrated, but especially in the field of electrical work, where safety is of paramount importance. At COA we are very proud of our Electrical Engineering students and instructors and look forward to cultivating many more in the future. If you have any questions or interests regarding our Computer Engineering Certificate and Degree Programs, visit http://www.albemarle.edu

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