Monday, February 1, 2010

2nd Annual Northeast Greatest Homemade Chili Competition

Camden United Methodist Church
Second Annual Northeast Greatest Homemade Chili Competition

Trophy Categories
Year to year Best all around Chill
Hottest Eatable Chili 2010
Best chili by community org. 2010 (non Profit)
Best chili by individual or Professional org. 2010
Karaoke - Best Performance 2010

Saturday February 27, 2010
3:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Camden County High School
Cafeteria, in the Gymnasium Building
Do you think yours is any good, find out? Make sure you bring plenty of friends
You’ll need their votes

What is required?
  1. $7.50 for each team member Community org. (Non Profit - no entry fee)

  2. Individual or Professional org. entry fee of $50.00 plus $7.50 each team member

  3. Prepare an electric roaster (not a Crock-pot) of chili approximately 4.5 Gal.

  4. Meat or food thermometer to maintain 135 Degrees

  5. A 25 ft. extension cord at least 12 gauge.

  6. All serving utensils & latex gloves

  7. List of ingredients to post for safety (no recipe unless you want to)

What you may bring?
  1. Additional chili for sale, takeout only, suggests it be packed in qt. containers you supply.
    You will need to have chili for sampling throughout the competition.

  2. You may bring anything else you would like to sell, or to promote you org.

  3. Any condiments you may wish to supply at no charge.

Judging format:
  • Entry tickets will be used to submit votes, (one ticket equals one vote for each category)

  • Each voter can get one sample of each chili entered (sample 1-2 Tablespoons ea.)

  • Cups, spoons and napkins will be supplied by CUMC

  • Ballot Boxes will marked for each category.

  • Any equipment needed to display your goods within an 80 sq. ft. area. (8’ x 10’)

Camden United Methodist Church will supply all Desserts, Soft Drinks and Bottled Water $1.00 ea.
No outside drinks allowed
Entertainment will be supplied by DJ, with a Karaoke Contest until 7:00 pm; Winner will be determined by Vote ($1.00 ea.) Trophies will be awarded as soon as vote can be counted after competition is over.
Door Prize will be drawn at 7:00 pm.

Questions should be directed to Bobby Spruill at (252) 337-4768

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