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December 2013: COA Student Transfers to ECU in Engineering

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            December 16, 2013
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COA Student Transfers to ECU in Engineering

Fouzia Noor, a COA student originally from Pakistan,
has recently been accepted to East Carolina University and will be entering their engineering program, having gained admission to the university through COA’s new Engineering Transfer Agreement with ECU. The transfer agreement was created to ensure educational opportunities exist for eastern North Carolina students interested in engineering careers.
As she prepares to transfer, Fouzia is very excited about her future in engineering and the opportunities that are now possible for her. Fouzia was a student in COA’s Introduction to Engineering course (EGR 150), a class which she was enthusiastic about, and a class which she says helped her realize that she has the ability to pursue a career in engineering. “Before taking this class I wanted to be an engineer but I was not sure if I am capable of it or not. Now, when almost done with the class, I am sure that this is the only thing that I want to do and I will do my best to make it happen,” explains Ms. Noor.

Upon graduation from ECU, Fouzia has plans for a career in which she can mix her two passions - engineering and biology – and apply her talents to the field of biomedical engineering. She would like to participate in research and innovation for a better treatment of diabetes. Prosthetic limb design and manufacturing is another field of interest for Ms. Noor. Utilizing the opportunity afforded her by the Engineering Transfer Agreement, Fouzia is on the path to achieve a four year university education which will teach her the necessary skills and give her the confidence to achieve her goals of helping people.

For more info about the Engineering Transfer agreement at COA:

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